Alice and Guy Wimberly

Guy-Wimberly-lgAlice and Guy Wimberly have lived in the Aguila Vista neigborhood at Turtleback Mountain Resort for the last 3 years. Guy has been recently inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame. The Wimberly’s enjoy the Club Restaurant and local favorite Los Arcos. Favorite watering holes include the Club and the Brassie Bar. They enjoy shopping at Burke’s, Walmart, Alco and Martha’s, Their favorite nature spots in Turtleback Mountain Resort and nearby Elephant Butte Lake.

Guy’s favorite golfing holes at Sierra del Rio are the challenging 16th and number 3 holes. When the Wimberly’s entertain guests they like to show their friends Turtleback Mountain Resort, the Space Port and Box Canyon. Guy’s hobbies include: golf, walking, gardening, charity activities and being active in the local community. Guy is a member of the Casa, Church at the Butte and the Sierra del Rio Mens golf association.

Guy is excited about Turtleback Mountain Resort and the Spaceport. He considers his biggest accomplishments as making friends, helping people, and living the good life. Guy has many stories to tell and welcomes the conversation.